Secrets of the Google Nest thermostat

The thermostat is controlled in just two ways: Rotate and Push

We have two WiFi networks 

When You First Enter…

Cordless blinds are raised and lowered the using the oval button at the bottom 

In The Kitchen…

Watch out for the knives, they’re new and sharp!

Check out the kitchen’s drawers and cabinets, but don’t try to open anything above the stove top

Marin County has EXCELLENT WATER QUALITY. 75% of our water comes from rainwater stored in our reservoirs. The rest comes from the Russian River.  Help yourself to a glass and cool it down with ice cubes from the freezer drawer!


Induction Glass Stovetop

To turn on the stovetop, find the power button on the far right of the control area. AND HOLD a finger down on the button for a few seconds to turn the stovetop on or off.

—Use a finger to turn on individual ‘burners’ and control their temperature.

—Pots and pans are in the drawer below the microwave.

Be mindful, induction can cause pots to get very hot very quickly, so pay attention!

Toaster: Use the Toaster’s BLUE CANCEL button to pop up toast 

The Dishwasher

The dishwasher has two drawers, each drawer is a separate dishwasher. They alternate between storing clean dishes and holding dirty dishes As one drawer’s load is cleaned, it becomes the clean dishware storage drawer.

The dishwasher has four control buttons.

—The leftmost button turns the power on or off

—The next button shows two rectangles. The rectangle that is lit up tells you which dishwasher is ready to be programmed or controlled. Push the control to select the dishwasher you want to program next

—The next button selects between the various wash cycles

—The rightmost button starts the cycle

Dishwasher detergent pods are under the sink. Before running a load, place one in the drawer’s silverware holder. Don’t use liquid detergent.

The Refrigerator has no secrets, but the freezer has loads of ice!

The Microwave !s also a full-functioned convection oven

The Bathroom Fan is a good example of tech that over-simplifies an already simply device to the point it’s no longer human friendly. It doesn't have a switch for humans. Its philosophy is "fan knows best." It turns on when it detects motion and stays on until no motion has been sensed for like half an hour or so. It also turns on when it senses excess humidity (like when someone showers) and in this case it stays on until the humidity is back to normal. Unfortunately for people who live by the Bay, the air is humid a lot. So the fans are expensive and a pain in the.... You could try shutting the door and see if it goes off after a while

If anything electrical isn’t working…

Try flipping the appropriate breaker (in the grey breakerpanel mounted on the wall next to the front door) off and wait a minute and flip it back on. If that fixes the problem, celebrate! If not, let us know right away and we’ll try and fix it ASAP.

Recycling and Garbage

In The Sleeping Nook 

At the foot of the bed, you’ll find comforter and storage drawers 

At the head of the bed, on either side, you’ll find 

About the Laundry

Important Tips for the Washing Machine

Using the Dryer

To fill the bathroom sink, just push down on the stopper. A second push releases it again

A mirror inside the medicine cabinet door is great for shaving or makeup

Pull out the kitchen faucet’s nozzle to hose down. The nozzle button changes between a solid stream or a spray